Jewish Montessori School

Do you want an inspiring, Jewish frum education for your child? Welcome to Ohr Torah Cincinnati

The Ohr Torah approach to Chinuch leads children to deeper, more immersive learning in Yiddeshkeit and secular academics.

Openings now for 3 year olds through 5th grade

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Come visit Ohr Torah Cincinnati and see how we inspire children to love learning in an environment of respect, responsibility, and independence.

  • Children who have had the benefit of our type of learning environment are more capable at a later age to devote themselves to the development of their intellectual facilities.
  • The method by which children are taught in Ohr Torah’s learning environment involves the use of many materials with which the children may work individually.
  • At every step of their learning, the teaching materials are designed to test their understanding and to correct their errors.

Hear it from our parents!

We love the special joy that is radiated and contagious at OTC. When we think of OTC we think of the wonderful, cheerful, respectful greeting the parents, children and their families receive upon arrival and dismissal time. We love the safe, happy, healthy, joyful, respectful, well structured and well-supervised environment of OTC.
We love that our daughter feels heard, and significant. She feels that makes a difference.

Pnina Heigh

Parent, 2017 – Present.

What I love most about Ohr Torah is the warm nurturing environment where the staff is dedicated to each student. Any time there is an issue it is addressed and our children come home happy and feel safe.

Sora Yudin

Parent, 2015 – Present.

Openings now for 3 year olds through 5th grade

Complete the form below to receive information about our enrollment process.

Our Philosophy

An Ohr Torah Cincinnati learning experience is like no other. Great attention is given to maintaining the Kedushas Hamakom (holiness of space) within the classroom and the Kedushas Ha’Zaman (holiness of time) of the children’s school day, thus communicating to the children that Chinuch (education) is incredibly important. Children come to treasure their daily experiences as constant opportunities to elevate their conduct and thus build their Kesher (connection) to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. This connection lays the groundwork for true and lasting Simchas Ha’Chaim (happiness in life), commitment to Yiddishkeit, and diligence in one’s pursuits.

We focus on fostering and infusing a love for Torah and Mitzvos in all that we do and an appreciation and awe for learning across all subject areas and throughout every aspect of your child’s day. Specifically, we provide a carefully planned, stimulating, and structured learning environment along with an integrated curriculum across and within Judaic and General Studies. Our approach to learning builds independence in students and honors the innate yearning for discovery inherent in all people. The daily experiences facilitated at Ohr Torah Cincinnati help children to develop within themselves the foundational habits, attitudes, skills, and ideals essential for a lifetime of creative thinking, effective problem-solving, strong relationship-building, collaborative interpersonal skills, learning and growth. These, in turn, will enable them to live fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions to the World and Klal Yisroel.

Derech Eretz (positive character traits and personal conduct) in our Ohr Torah Cincinnati classrooms is the foundation for everything we do, and each child will learn many important life skills as we promote personal self-esteem, respect, responsibility, academic excellence, and Ahavas Yisroel (Love of one’s fellow Jew). Each child will feel empowered in the Ohr Torah Cincinnati classroom and learn how rewarding it feels to do things on their own!

Some defining features of Ohr Torah Cincinnati:

Curriculum is accelerated and robust, while highly flexible and individualized.

Learning and behavioral expectations are high.

Strong work habits, including attention to detail, time-management, planning and organizing are developed throughout the OTC experience.

High-level thinking, communication, problem-solving and collaborative leadership skills are developed within a growth-oriented, collaborative learning environment.

Methodologies build internal motivation for learning and a laser-focus on the goal of constant improvement in learning and character development.

Refined character-traits and Derech Eretz are modeled by staff and a focal point throughout experiences and School.

Staff are carefully selected, highly trained and experienced. They are life-long learners who embrace a growth-mindset and continuous quality-improvement in their professional and personal lives.

Staff and students build close, positive, supportive, and meaningful relationships

School environment is respectful and emotionally safe, whether at recess, in lessons, or during work time, and this translates into healthy, secure friendships within and outside of school.

Lessons are carefully planned to make strong impressions on the students and drive inquiry.

Learning is often multi-sensory and hands-on and is crafted to stretch students’ knowledge and research skills, build sustained focus and independence and provide opportunities for discovery.

Specials, field trips, extracurriculars, and School-wide activities lead to well-rounded children.

Team-building and Simcha-building experiences are regular occurrences throughout the school year, providing students with a strong sense of community, and a sense of identity and “place” within School, the World around them and Klal Yisroel.

Inspiring, multi-sensory, impressionistic, “big picture” lessons tackle complex concepts in concrete and integrative ways that are both accessible, even to our youngest learners at age 3 and intriguing to our oldest learners in upper elementary. These special and highly memorable lessons build students’ Emunah and help them to deeply internalize Hashem’s love for them along with a personal sense of purpose to their existence. The lessons also serve as spring boards for all future learning that occurs throughout the year, across all subject areas.

These lessons include topics such as man’s existence (and each student’s individual existence) within a vast universe created by Hashem; the creation of Man; the Jewish Timeline, beginning with the 6 days of creation and traveling through 6,000 years, through current times and beyond — what role with each of them play in making the future and what it will become; the story of language; and the story of math, along with many other topics.

A curriculum that goes in-depth within subject areas and is likewise integrated across curriculum areas, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the World and how it consists of inter-related parts.

A curriculum that is heavily skill-based rather than based on rote-memorization. Students gain skills to be able to learn, research, translate, and decipher advanced information and text both independently and b’chevrusa.

Openings now for 3 year olds to 12 year olds

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